Friday, 9 October 2009

5 Top Tips On Saving On Your Energy Bill

If the UK's energy supply regulator, Ofgem`s predictions are anything to go by then the future seems gloomy.
In a report published today, they have predicted that the average energy bill ( Gas and Electricity) which currently stands at £ 1,247 would rise to between £1421 and £1995 by 2020.

 The good news though, according to Ofgem is you can cut your energy bill by up to £300 each year, by simply switching you energy supplier.
So just how easy is it to switch supplier and how can you further reduce your energy bill? Well check out our top tips below.

5 Top Tips On Saving On Your Energy Bill 

1) Switch Suppiler

Use one of the many comparison sites to determine which suppiler is offering you the most savings.Once you are happy with the recommedend supplier go ahead and sign on. If you have used the comparison sites they will contact your current supplier letting them know of your decesion to switch.
The trick here is to use more than one site to ensure you get the best deal going.
You may also find you`re eligible for a cash-back payment from your current supplier.

2) Scrap The Paper Bill

By switching to online billing you can make further savings, rather than sticking to the traditional paper bills.
You may also find you save more by paying you bills using direct debit as this tends to qualify you for further discounts.

3) Go Green

Use energy effecient bulbs around your home. The price for these is more than the traditional 100w bulbs but reseach has shown you save approx £100 over the bulbs lifespan as they last up to 12 times longer than their predecessor.
Other simple steps include turning lights off when  not in use, completely switching off appliances that you not using rather than leaving on standby and slightly turning down the heating thermostat. It all adds up.

 4) Insulation,insulation

Keep the cold out, by installing double glazing and making sure your loft space is adquately insulated.
 Find out if you are eligible for  government assistance in the form of grants for insulating your home.Check out:

5) Check Your Meter Reading,

Check your meter regularly as most suppiliers use an estimated figure to determine what you owe. If you find you using less than the estimated reading, contact the supplier and get your bill updated so you not paying more than you should.Unfortunately this works the other way too, meaning you may find you using more than the estimated reading and in this case you end up paying more.

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